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Dark Pit

This description comes from Wikipedia

Dark Pit is an anti-hero clone of Pit who debuts in Kid Icarus: Uprising. He is, essentially, a potential representation of Pit's repressed feelings. Whereas Pit is fiercely loyal to Palutena and the gods, Dark Pit is only loyal to himself and detests working for others. Using the Mirror of Truth, Pandora created Dark Pit to combat Pit for her. But as the Mirror was creating the copy, Pit destroyed it, resulting in Dark Pit becoming a flawed clone. As such, he betrays Pandora, much to the shock of the other characters, and ultimately indirectly assists Pit in taking down the Goddess of Calamity, whom he steals the powers of after destroying her, granting him unlimited flight. Palutena sends Pit to eliminate Dark Pit, believing him to be a threat. In amidst of this, Dark Pit attempts to destroy Pit as well, convinced that he himself is the true Pit. Later on in the game's story, when Palutena's soul is possessed by the evil entity known as the Chaos Kin, Dark Pit eventually accepts that he and Pit are one and the same, and "two sides of the same coin". Both him, Pit, and Viridi rescue Palutena and seemingly destroy the Chaos Kin in its dimension, the Chaos Vortex, but not before the monster's remains spring up and toss Dark Pit and itself into the abyss, in an attempt to devour his soul. With Viridi's help, Pit nearly sacrifices himself to save his opposite, with his wings being burned to a crisp. In a desperate attempt to save her angel, Palutena sends Dark Pit to the City of Souls in the Underworld to reach the Rewind Spring, a mystical spring that can used to revert the effects of time on a living being. When Dark Pit arrives, the essence of Pandora emerges from his wings and dives into the spring to rebuild herself, and fights Dark Pit again. Dark Pit emerges victorious and restores Pit's wings by dipping him into the Rewind Spring, saving his life. His last major role in the game is rescuing Pit from the insides of Hades with the help of the Lightning Chariot, and he is also seen flying with Pit in the ending of the game, after the defeat of Hades.

Dark Pit also appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as a clone of Pit, with minor differences such as wielding the Electroshock Arm, firing slightly stronger arrows, and featuring a different Final Smash that involves the use of the Dark Pit staff.

Like Pit, Dark Pit is voiced by Antony Del Rio.

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