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Palutena is the Goddess of Light, the rightful ruler of Skyworld, and the eponymous character of the Kid Icarus games in Japan (光神話 パルテナの鏡 Hikari Shinwa Parutena no Kagami, translated as "Light Mythology: Palutena's Mirror"). She is kind-hearted, benevolent and sometimes playful and mischievous, as shown in her conversations with her angel companion, Pit. In the storyline of the first Kid Icarus, Palutena and Medusa were the goddesses of light and darkness respectively, and together they ruled over a realm known as Angel Land. Palutena cared for and loved humanity, but her dark counterpart, Medusa, loathed humans, and took great pleasure in turning them into stone, as well as poisoning their crops. Angered by this, Palutena cursed Medusa by transforming her into a hideous monster and banshined her to the underworld. But unbeknownst to Palutena, Medusa would ally with the inhabitants of the Underworld, and plot her revenge against her light counterpart and her army. But when Palutena is captured by Medusa and the Underworld Army, she sends out a distress call to her angelic captain of her guard, Pit, to rescue her and defeat Medusa. Palutena managed to deliver her sacred bow to her captain, allowing Pit to escape the Underworld Dungeon, who proceeded to work his way from the Underworld all the way up to the Palace in the Sky, and, using the Three Sacred Treasures he collected along the way, destroyed the goddess of darkness and rescued Palutena. Palutena reappears in the Game Boy sequel Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, where the goddess has a premonition that the demon Orcos will arrive and destroy Angel Land. She commands Pit to enter a special training to prove his worth of using the Three Sacred Treasures in order to defeat Orcos.

Much like Pit, Palutena was given a radical redesign in the 2008 crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. She makes two appearances, one in the game's story mode, The Subspace Emissary, where she gives Pit a new bow so that he can help in the fight against the Subspace Army, and in Pit's Final Smash, dubbed "Palutena's Army" where she sends her Centurions to help Pit attack his opponents. In Kid Icarus: Uprising, Palutena's role was greatly expanded into Pit's most notable ally, always communicating with him throughout the game and providing support, such as the Power of Flight, an ability of hers that keeps Pit airborne for five minutes. Within the storyline, 25 years after the events of the first game, Palutena sends Pit out to battle the recently resurrected Medusa and the Underworld Army. Before striking Medusa dead on, Palutena directs Pit to various Underworld locations and fortresses, where he defeats all the top Underworld commanders, and together they reclaim the long lost Three Sacred Treasures from a crew of Space Pirates. After striking Medusa's fortress and crushing her once more, Palutena congratulates Pit and they celebrate, whilst credits styled after the original Kid Icarus roll. But to their shock, Medusa was only a mere pawn to the true leader of the Underworld and the real villain of the game, Hades. From there, they face Hades and his army, as well as new enemies that arise, such as the Goddess of Nature, Viridi, an alien race known as the Aurum, and a demonic spirit known as the Chaos Kin, which takes control of Palutena at some point, before being destroyed by Pit and Dark Pit. In the final battle against Hades, Palutena charges the power of the remnants of the Great Sacred Treasure's main cannon, allowing Pit to destroy the Lord of the Underworld once and for all.

On June 10, 2014, Palutena was confirmed to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. She uses the powers she grants Pit usage of in Uprising for her moveset, and is the only character, aside from the Mii Fighters, to feature her own set of fully unique custom special moves. Palutena, along with Viridi, also appears in the special Palutena's Guidance feature, which can be activated by Pit on the Palutena's Temple stage in the Wii U version of the game. It functions similarly to Snake's Codec Conversations in Brawl, where Palutena and Viridi give advice to Pit on how to combat the other fighters in the game.

She is voiced by Ali Hillis in Kid Icarus: Uprising and by Brandy Kopp[1] in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

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