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The following description of Bowser came from Wikipedia so you know.

R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy), released in Japan as the Family Computer Robot (Japanese: 白央立伉奈戊件疋亙奈正 伕示永玄 Hepburn: Famir貝 Konpy迂ta Robotto?), is an accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was launched in July 1985 in Japan, and October 1985 in North America. It had a short product lifespan, with support for only two games which comprise the "Robot Series": Gyromite and Stack-Up. R.O.B. was released with the intention of portraying the Nintendo Entertainment System as a novel toy in order to alleviate retail fears following the video game crash of 1983.[1][2] R.O.B. is available in the Deluxe Set, a configuration for the console that includes, among other things, R.O.B. and Gyromite. Stack-Up is packaged separately and includes its own physical game pieces.

R.O.B. has also appeared as a cameo character in various video games.

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