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Copyright Section

pictures, codes, buttons, banners, and any other thing made by Nintendo or The Smash Bros Website is a copyright of there sites only. Ask if you can use there stuff like I did and I think them for letting me borrow stuff from there sites.

The Brawl Arena buttons, Banners, Codes, Special Articles, special features, and fan stories are a copyright of this website so ask nicely and you can borrow some of the stuff I made and for that I think for the buttons I made myself.DS, DSI, Donkey Kong, Mario Star Fox, Zelda, and all other Nintendo related characters are trademarks of Nintendo. Nintendo is a trademark of Nintendo. If you see anything you like from sites that I have affiliated with or put up as links or just other sites I like and sites you like or are affiliated with are copyrighted to that site and you have to ask to use there stuff so do that and other sites will start letting you the fans borrow more if you give them credit for making it or for finding it and then letting you use it on your sites so have fun and ask nicely and they will let you use there stuff have fun and enjoy your stay.

Anything I have gotten from Nintendo's Press Room can be used if you ask me first since I got it from my Press Room account there. If you get it from Nintendo's Press Room on your own then that's fine. If I know you and help you out with some stuff then you won't have to always ask as long as i get credit for finding the stuff.

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The Brawl Arena was built on January 16,2007

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